Puhutv Cookie Policy

Puhutv Cookie Policy

Types of Cookies

Types of cookies according to the duration of use: Puhutv website, mobile application, mobile website and smart TV application use session cookies and persistent cookies according to the usage periods. The session cookie expires when you close your browser. The persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for a long time or indefinitely.

Types of cookies according to the owner or the party that placed the cookie: “First party cookie” and "third party cookie cookies" are used on the Puhutv website, mobile application, mobile website and smart TV application according to the party that placed the cookie. Puhutv cookies are created by Puhutv, while third-party cookies are managed by third-party companies with whom we collaborate

Types of cookies according to the according to the intended use: Puhutv website, mobile application, mobile website and smart TV application use technical cookies, authentication cookies, targeting/advertising cookies, personalization cookies, analytic cookies according to the intended use. By using these cookies; Puhutv makes statistical studies by identifying the features that separates the members, groups members in order to deliver content and advertising according to taste and preference of members, such as age, gender, preferences, watched/followed content categories and the rate of mobile usage habits.

How are Puhutv cookies used?

  • Puhutv uses cookies to remember your preferences and personalize your use of the website/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV application. This usage includes:
  1. cookies that record your password and keep your website/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV application session open continuously, thus saving you the hassle of entering a password multiple times each time you visit, and
  2. cookies that remember and recognize you on subsequent visits to the website/mobile app/mobile website/smart TV application.
  • It uses these cookies to identify from where and from which devices you connect to Puhutv, including what content you viewed on the website/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV application and the duration of your visit; to determine how you use the website/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV application.
  • Uses cookies to serve content and ads that are more relevant to your interests and to you, in other words for targeted advertising/promotion purposes. By matching the information obtained through cookies with other personal data, Puhutv provides you with more appropriate content.


How Puhutv uses third-party cookies for advertising and retargeting?

Puhutv also uses cookies to activate "ad technology" in order to present you the ads that you think may be of interest when you visit search engines, Puhutv website, mobile application, mobile website/smart TV application and/or the websites that Puhutv to advertises on. Advertising technology uses information about previous visits to the website/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV application and the websites/mobile application/mobile website/smart TV applications that Puhutv advertises on in order to provide customized ads.

While serving these ads, a unique third-party cookie may be placed in your browser so that Puhutv can recognize you. Puhutv also uses "Google Analytics“, a web analytics service provided by (”Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how visitors use the website/mobile application/mobile site/smart tv with statistical information/reports. For more information about using Google Analytics (including options to reject), visit:


In addition, to serve ads that may be of interest to you on social media platforms and to create a special target audience, one of your personal data, e-mail address, is shared with these platforms. Your e-mail address is transmitted through the secure channels and environments offered by these platforms. Social media platforms use your email address by hash, only for the matching process. Your email address will not be shared with third parties or other advertisers and will be deleted from the systems of social media platforms as soon as possible after the pairing process is complete.

Facebook will, for example, ensure the privacy and security of your email address and Facebook user ID collection, which is encrypted with the hash method that creates your private audience ("private audience") by using technical and physical security measures developed, including, (a) to protect the security and integrity of your data as long as your personal data is on Facebook systems; and (b) to protect your personal data on Facebook systems from accidental or unauthorized access, and to protect your data from accidental or unauthorized use, modification or disclosure.

In addition, Facebook does not provide access or information to third parties or other advertisers for your specific audience, add your specific audience information to information about our users, create profiles based on interest, or use your specific audience except to provide services to you, without your permission or as required by law.

For Facebook special target audience terms, please visit;


For Facebook Privacy Policy, please visit;


Instead of cookies, Google IMA (Interactive Media Ads) and Oracle Bluekai SDK (Software Development Kit) are used in the mobile application. The Google IMA SDK allows the user to manage their preferences for ads. It takes descriptions of the user's device, such as AdID or IDFA, and sends them to Google ad servers as a video or display ad request. Based on the response from these servers, it either shows or does not show the ad to the user. The Oracle Bluekai SDK sends the consumption behavior of all kinds of content (such as video, text file) on the websites they visit to the Oracle Bluekai server by taking the user's descriptions of the device, such as AdID or IDFA. Users' demographic information is also sent to the Oracle Bluekai server. Users are grouped and advertises are shown according to their interests and behavioral characteristics.

Cookie Management

The following table displays information about cookies on Puhutv's website, mobile website, mobile app, or smart TV. For the recent information about the cookies we use, you can get information by typing Puhutv.com in the search box at cookiebot.com. The information about cookies you obtain from Cookiebot may differ in terms of the user of Puhutv and the subscriber of Puhutv.


Mandatory Cookies

These cookies are required for the operation of the website and cannot be turned off on our systems. They are usually only set to perform your operations. These processes include defining your service requests, such as setting your privacy preferences, signing in, or filling out forms. You can set your browser to block or warn you about these cookies, but in this condition some parts of the site may not work.



Cookies (Retention Period)


·       __gfp_64b (999 days)


·       OptanonConsent (365 days)

·       OptanonAlertBoxClosed (365 days)


·       dyg_pr_its_Puhutv.com (< 1 day)

·       redirect_after_login (< 1 day)

·       dyg_a_id (729 days)

·       PHPSESSID (Session based)

·       _dc_gtm_UA-xxxxxxxx (< 1 day)


Performance Cookies

These cookies allow us to count the number of visits and traffic sources to the site so that we can measure and improve the performance of our site. They help us learn which pages are the most and least visited and how visitors navigate the site. All information collected by these cookies is compiled and therefore anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you visited our site.



Cookies (Retention Period)


·       _gid (< 1 day)

·       _ga (729 days)

·       _gat_UA-80647357-1 (< 1 day)



Functional Cookies

These cookies enable us to offer advanced functionality and customization such as videos and live chat. These can be set by us or by third-party providers whose services we use on our pages. If you do not allow these cookies, all or some of these functions may not work correctly.



Cookies (Retention Period)


·       __asc (< 1 day)

·       pxvid (539 days)

·       _pxhd (364 days)

·       _pxff_tm (< 1 day)

·       _gat (< 1 day)

·       __auc (365 days)

·       _gid (< 1 day)

·       __qca (391 days)

·       _px2 (< 1 day)

·       _pxvid (539 days)

·       _ga (729 days)


·       hdntl (< 1 day)


Targeting Cookies

These cookies are set by our advertising partners on our site. These may be used by relevant companies to create your interests profile and show relevant ads on other sites. They work uniquely by identifying your browser and device. If you do not allow these cookies, we cannot offer you specific advertising experiences on different sites.



Cookies (Retention Period)


·       HTML_VisitCountCookie (Session based)


·       TDID (365 days)

·       TDCPM (365 days)


·       _fbp (89 days)

·       fr (89 days)


·       auth_token (4979 days)

·       twll (1326 days)

·       secure_session (4979 days)

·       personalization_id (729 days)

·       remember_checked (1326 days)

·       remember_checked_on (1326 days)


·       __cfduid (364 days)

·       uvc (< 1 day)


·       Gdyn (1765 days)

·       Gtestem (2914694 days)

·       Gtest (1765 days)


·       VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE (179 days)

·       PREF (1324 days)

·       GPS (< 1 day)

·       YSC (Session based)


·       _gcl_au (89 days)

·       NID (182 days)


·       dspuuid (2914694 day)

·       psyn (29 days)

·       uuid (29 days)


·       uid (2914694 days)


·       sl (< 1 day)

·       audience (365 days)


·       uuidc (392 days)

·       uuid (392 days)


·       __gads (729 days)

·       GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY (Session based)

·       IDE (389 days)


·       everest_g_v2 (364 days)


·       mc (395 days)


·       UserID1 (179 days)


·       AWSALB (6 days)



You can obtain information about cookies and use your right to allow or deny them, depending on the type of your Internet Browser by following these steps:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer ve Edge
  • Mozilla
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IOS
  • Android

For other browsers, see the relevant browser's help or support pages.

To restrict the use of descriptors of your device in the form of ADID and IDFA for SDK management; proceed to the IOS operating system by selecting the “analysis” and “advertising” tabs from the device's “Privacy” Button and reading the “Advertising and Privacy” document on the same tab.

On the Android operating system, you can select the “Ads” tab in the “Google Settings” tab in “Settings” and select “Reset Ad ID to reset Ad ID “and/or “Customize Ads to turn off personalization in ads".

In addition to the above options, you can visit the following pages to learn about all cookies and to manage cookies:

or you can use "Privacy Badger" application (https://www.eff.org/tr/privacybadger).

You can follow the directions in the privacy or Settings section of your device for cookie or SDK management in mobile applications, or use Lumen Privacy Monitor for the Android operating system by downloading to your phone (https://haystack.mobi).

If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you can continue to use the website, mobile application, mobile website and smart TV application, but you may not have access to all the functions of your access may be limited in the website, mobile application, mobile website and smart TV application.

Last Updated: 15.08.2018