puhutv is the new generation online TV platform where you can watch hundreds of series and films with high video resolution, and besides for free. 

You can  watch puhutv either by visiting www.puhutv.com or by downloading puhutv app from mobilephone, tablet pc and Apple TV apps stores if you wish. 

You can use iletisim@puhutv.com for any questions, suggestions or other details you want to share with us. Additionally, you can reach us by clicking "Give Feedback" on our website or from "Evaluate our website" on mobile apps.

We recommend your subscription for a better experience on puhutv. puhutv uses an intelligent algorithm to know the subscribers, identifies their viewing habits and offers relevant stream based on their habits. puhutv remembers the subscribers and it ensures that they resume watching the video where they exactly left off on whichever device they wish to use. As a subscriber, if you have made a list of your favourite shows and series, you receive alerts when puhutv adds a new episode of this content. 

Please first click the "Log in" button on www.puhutv.com, second select "Subscribe" tab from which you can complete your subscription request either via your e-mail addresse or your Facebook account.

You can watch all content on puhutv even if you do not subscribe. However, puhutv knows the preferences of its subscribers and offers them the content they enjoy most. 

puhutv subscription is free of charge.

You can change your password, personal details, e-mail addresse or notification settings by going to your user account. 

puhutv can be watched via more than one device without any restrictions. puhutv lets you stream any content from puhutv you wish to watch on as many devices as you want to use at the same time.

If you wish, you can sign up for puhutv with your Facebook account. By logging in to Facebook, you can easily log in to puhutv without entering your subscription details on our home page. 

puhutv offers hundreds of Turkish series and movies ranging from drama and romance to adventure and comedy genres. You can enjoy watching popular series of the week or the greatest Turkish series of the past time, legendary Turkish cinema movies and cartoons on puhutv.

Sure! You can watch both series of the past years that you cannnot forget and also the most popular new series once their episodes have been broadcast on TV.

You can watch the most popular Turkish films and unforgettable Turkish cinema classics that you can never get enough of in high definition quality. 

puhutv offers content appealing to your taste by identifying the titles you have watched before and you're interested in. So, all you need to do is to sit back comfortably and enjoy discovering the videos that we think you will love. 

puhutv is not planning to broadcast foreign series titles at this stage.

puhutv broadcasts only the content with legal broadcasting rights. Besides, we pursue some specific criteria such as video quality and dimension based on our principle of viewer satisfaction. The reason why puhutv does not offer some series despite the high popularity they have gained is that they may either not have bradcasting rights or the video quality available may not meet our standards. 

The series of the past years, especially those that were on during the periods between 80s and 90s and that recieved a great attention from the viewers, do not have broadcasting rights due to the period they were on. We are currently striving to offer the series with such framework on puhutv.

Popular titles are determined according to the number of views of the videos within a certain period of time. 

You can search series or films by artist name by clicking "Search" button. A list of all the films or series found in puhutv will be shown according to your search. 

You can access to puhutv either by downlading puhutv app from smart phones, tablet pc, Apple TV and Smart TV or by visiting www.puhutv.com

You can download puhutv mobile apps from App Store for devices with iOS operating system and from Google Play for devices with Android operating system. All you need is to type "puhutv" into search button on these stores. 

You can enjoy viewing puhutv content on your TV set either via Apple TV or Smart TV apps or by connecting your computer to your TV set.

You can watch any titles you wish once you connect your computer to your TV set by using HDMI and/or VGA cables. 

You can watch puhutv on your tablet pc either by downloading the puhutv mobile app that's appropriate for the operating system of your tablet or by opening http://www.puhutv.com in your mobile device's browser.

You can watch puhutv on your smart phone either by downloading the puhutv mobile app that's appropriate for the operating system of your smart phone or by opening http://www.puhutv.com in your mobile device's browser. 

All you need to do to watch puhutv on your computer is to visit www.puhutv.com.

You can create a list of your favourite series or movies by using "Add to the list" button. Based on your notification settings, you can receive alerts once puhutv adds a new episode or trailer of the titles found in your list. 

By adding your favourite content to your list with "Add to the list" button on puhutv, you can receive instant alerts when puhutv adds a new episode or trailer of your favourite series. 

You can search titles by series, film or artist name by clicking the Search button on the top right-hand corner of the menu.

If you have already signed up for puhutv, it remembers, on whether web or mobile apps, the video you have not finished watching to the end, and ensures that you resume watching it exactly where you left off. Please click to subscribe.

If you are an existing subscriber, you can find the episode you leave unfinished on the top part of the page of the series you are watching, and you can resume enjoying it by clicking on this episode. If you have already completed the episode, you can easily access to the following episode, which eliminates the need for keeping track of  which series and episodes you are up to. Please click to subscribe.

You can adjust your settings by selecting "notification settings" under settings tab on mobile apps. 

You can use Airplay reflector feature in our website via mobile devices with iOS operating system or in our iOS mobile apps. 

When you want to recommend a certain content on puhutv to your friends and acquaintances, you can go to the page of the relevant title to use social media share buttons found in the page.

Currently, puhutv is not planning to provide livestream.

All series and films of which broadcasting rights puhutv owns are offered to our viewers in the way they were submitted by the producer. Some content are provided to puhutv censored as they were originally watched, therefore we are unable to to reshoot such productions uncensored. Accordingly, puhutv does not intervene in any content submitted. 

If you have problems with the video player, you may need to update your browser. Updated browser versions appropriate for watching puhutv are as follows:  Chrome 55, Firefox 50, Safari 10, Yandex Browser 16.11, Internet Explorer 11 and their newer versions. 

If you have problems with signing in, you may be entering incorrect password. Please click http://puhutv.com/sifremi-unuttum

First please make it sure that the video player audio is not off or the sound level is not too low by checking the sound level found in the bottom left-hand of the video player. If the problem is not solved, please check your computer's sound levels. 

The video starts with a lower quality at first so that it can open faster, then a suitable quality is determined based on your internet speed and the same quality is maintained. If you wish, after the video starts you can change the quality setting according to your preference. 

This problem may have something to do with your internet connection. The video player automatically determines the image quality according to your internet connection at that time. If you have no problems with your internet connection, you can select a higher image quality in the relevant settings of the video player. 

Unfortunately, "fi" is not available to our viewers abroad due to broadcasting rights. 

Please try again after ensuring that your internet connection does not use VPN. If you still have problems, you can get contact with us on iletisim@puhutv.com